Trifecta Boxers Rescue Questionnaire.

1.    Why do you want to rescue a boxer?


2.    Preference male or female?


3.    Do you have a color preference?


4.    Do you have other pets?  (Include other Dogs) Explain in detail_______________________________________


5.    If you have other dogs are they spayed or neutered


6.    Why do you want a boxer?


7.    Have you ever had a Boxer?_____How Long?_______


8.    Have you researched the Boxer breed?


9.    Relationship status i.e. single, married, significant other live in,


10.                       Children? ages?


11.                       Are you planning on having a/another child in the next two years?


12.                       Are all parties who will be involved in the day to day activities of the dog in agreement about getting a boxer?


13.                       Living arrangements? Single family dwelling, apartment, duplex?


14.                       Do you own or rent?


15.                       What kind of exercise area will the dog have? Please give details.


16.                       What are you hobbies and activities?


17.                       Employment? If more than one party involved include both. Company

              name & occupation.


18.                       How often will the dog be left alone and for how long?


19.                       Where would the dog be when you are at home?


20.                       Where would the dog sleep?


21.                       Where will the dog stay when you are not at home?


22.                       Are you willing to attend formal training classes or private classes with this dog?


23.                       Do you have any disabilities or limitations that would inhibit you dealing with a obstreperous dog.


24.                       Are you aware of the expenses involved in caring for a dog? Vaccinations, check ups, training. Toys and Food. Repairs to chewed chairs. Replacement of shoes. Carpet cleaning. New landscaping.


25.                       Are you prepared to devote considerable time to house training this dog?


26.                       Do You have a veterinarian? 


27.                       Are you willing to spay or neuter this dog.


28.                       Would you agree to a home check?


29.                       Please give your Name ..............Address.................

30.                       Telephone number_____________       

31.                       Email address_____________________